Laser Dentistry

This device is proposed for periodontal specialists.

This device has the ability to degrade tissue fibrosis, reduce the mass of the tooth, reduce the microbial load of the mouth, the ability to repair the gum tissue, the ability to create an immune response, as well as the formation of the vessel and ultimately gingival bond to the dentin. This advantage helps the physician to use a healthy gum tissue to heal the disease, rather than removing the necrosis of the gingiva.

Veterinary laser

This device helps veterinarians to use different protocols for different animal. The device has the ability to be used for small animals up to 80 kg.in weight.  Moreover, the device can treat rodent diseases, ornamental fish, dogs, cats and birds with special treatment protocols for diseases caused by trauma (crashed), infections, injuries of the brain and nerves, ulcers, digestive diseases, post-surgery  complications, open adhesions, postoperative repairing. Helping to increase the drug absorption coefficient is another benefit of this device.

Skin-related devices

Microdermabrasion Exfoliator peeling skin and Hydro-Derms for peeling and hydrating skin help physicians to clean the skin before starting any treatment. This device is prepared and sold in the form of a single device with dual applications or two separate devices (according to the customer’s request).

Laser maxillo-facial tissue

This device helps the physician to heal injuries, infections, and surgeries to improve the condition that is affected by nerve paralysis in the facial region, , tongue, eyes, lips, and eyelids.

Biophotonics-based Ophthalmology device

This device has nano-surgery capabilities and is used for treatment of vascular diseases of the eye, retina, eye pressure (Glaucoma).