Introducing Laser Afarinan Zist Arman Company

Zist Arman Laser Creators Company (Lazar) was established in 2017 by “Mr. Albert Lazar”, a pragmatist and idea maker in the field of laser and bio photonics.


Designing the most innovative laser devices

Laser Afarinan Zist Arman Company has the ability to design and manufacture the most innovative laser devices in the fields of medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine and agriculture, based on its technological ideas or receive a manufacturing order



Unique laser devices in the world in the field of low power lasers

Distinctive features of Zist Arman Laser Makers Company

Presenting a new and revolutionary approach in the field of radiation behavior in biological environments by the founder of the company, Mr. Albert Lazar, which is the basis of new knowledge of biophotonics with a systematic approach to biology and post-biophotonics, has attracted the attention of many owners of wisdom and awareness to this company



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